RandomLunacy Productions


Welcome to Random Lunacy Productions, the home for various geocoin related project by Mekle and NepoKama. 

Current Projects

Voyages of Exploration

Our first Geocoin project. This will be a a four coin series commemorating those who ventured out beyond the horizon to discover what lay beyond the edge of the world they knew. One side will feature a compass rose design inspired by a design done by 15th century map maker Jorge de Aguiar. Want one?  They are available at Cache Addict!

Check out photos in the VoE:Sea Gallery.

Road's End

Our second coin project.  This coin is inspired by Roger Zelazny's Amber novels.  On sale now at Geoswag.com.  Photos are in the Road's End Gallery.

Dragon Tails

Our third coin project.  Samples for the coin have arrived, and we're now deciding what the final versions will be.  Here's a small teaser for the design.

Heads TeaserTails Teaser

Geocoin and Trackable Catalog

This project started out as a way for us to track our growing collections of coins.  It's now growing into a catalog of info on all trackable coins and tags.  Take a look at Geocoin and Trackable Catalog