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Voyages of Exploration: Sea

Voyages of Exploration is a four coin series commemorating those who ventured out beyond the horizon to discover what lay beyond the edge of the world they knew. The compass rose design on the coin was inspired by a design done by 15th century map maker Jorge de Aguiar. All the coins in the series will share the compass rose design with coloring matching the theme of the obverse side of the coin.

Sea, the first coin in the series, honors the brave sailors who set out beyond the sight of land. They ventured into the unknown – building their maps as they went using tools that were state-of-the-art at the time, but now seem crude compared to the electronic devices available to us as we go about our 21st century explorations. Those early explorers would have understood the drive that send us out to find each new cache. 

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  • Size: 2.00" (51mm)
  • Thickness: 3.5mm
  • Editions: Gold, Silver, Antique Gold, Antique Silver, Antique Bronze (LE), Copper (AE), Black Nickel (AE)

Regular Editions

Antique Silver

Antique SilverAntique Silver

Antique Gold

Antique GoldAntique Gold





Limited Edition

Antique Bronze ("Dawn")

Antique Bronze LEAntique Bronze LE

Artist Editions

Copper ("Sunset")

Copper AE (Sunset)Copper AE (Sunset)

Black Nickel ("Midnight")

We're keeping he Black Nickel AE under wraps for now, photos will be posted at a later date.